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Math Expressions Common Core Grade 4 Homework And Remembering


Dear parents,


Below is a link to the Homework and Remembering Pages for the Math Expressions Common Core program we use in State College Area School District.  Your child can refer to it if he/she happens to have forgotten his/her homework.  Please note that I do adjust these pages by in several ways:  I might identify some  problems as optional bonus problem.  I may also adjust the directions or even the problem itself to make it more appropriate for a particular child on a particular night.  So please use this as a general guide and check the assignment list on this website for some of the specifics. 


Ideally, it is best if your child brings home the paper copy each night.  However, I think this substitute might be helpful to you.


Please note, your child can do the problems on a separate sheet of lined paper.  If you want to print a copy of a particular page, please notice that there is the cover and another page before the homework and remembering pages.  That means if you want  Homework page 1 and Remembering page 2, you have to print pages 3-4.




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