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Psy 285 Week 1 Assignment 1


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Unformatted text preview: Experimental Research Paper 1 Experimental Research Paper University of Phoenix, Associates Program PSY285 Social Psychology Experimental research is used to study and seek clues to cause-effect relationships by manipulating one or more factors while controlling others (Myers, 2007). There are many different components used in experimental research such as a hypothesis, randomization, a treatment group, a Experimental Research Paper 2 control group and measurements. Throughout the course of this paper, I will describe an experimental research situation and cover all of these variables. The experimental research we will be focusing on is a pharmaceutical company that wants to test a new sleep aid. A hypothesis, or testable proposition that describes a relationship that may exist between events, must be made (Myers, 2007). The hypothesis in this situation would be that the new sleep aid does in fact work and helps people to gain more rest. Randomization is the process of assigning participants to the conditions of an experiment such that all persons have the...
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