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Steve Nyirenda Muvi Tv Assignment


The chaos at privately owned Muvi Television is becoming increasingly apparent, with an anonymous source leaking stories to the press.

Steve Nyirenda’s Muvi TV has reportedly suffered a mass exodus of employees as a result of poor working conditions and also political bias by the proprietor.

Nyirenda is said to be fast losing the plot with half the newsroom exiting the station citing poor pay and dehumanizing labour conditions. The below letter has been anonymously sent in;

Dear Editor

For a long time now, outsiders have been given a wrong impression of Muvi television. Those outside has an impression that all is well when infact not.

To start with, the owner of the company Mr Steve Nyirenda is a failed manager himself and depends on the advise given to him by his equally failed managers who are not even qualified to hold the positions they are holding.

Mr Nyirenda does not respect any labour law in this country. He makes decisions based on his own conviction without considering whether it will hurt the workers or not. For him whatever he dreams about, no matter how wrong, should be implemented at the company.

For Example, at one point Nyirenda just woke up and decided that all employees should be removing shoes, leave t


By Chintu Malambo
MUVI Television proprietor Steven Nyirenda has been sued by his ex-wife Lesa Kasoma following dissolution of their marriage and is demanding joint ownership to property.

Ms Kasoma, who is also Komboni Radio managing director indicated in a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court that she and Mr Nyirenda were married until November 11 when they divorced.

She claimed that through an oral agreement made sometime in 2012, the two agreed to renovate and extend house number F/441a/175/A and it was agreed that she would put in K160, 000, thereafter the property will be jointly owned.
Ms Kasoma claims that in 2012, the property was renovated and that she put in K160, 000 as agreed and that she was also instrumental in planning the design for the extensions.

She submitted that in 2014, she made Mr Nyirenda sign a document acknowledging that he had received the said K160, 000 because she feared that he would not honour the oral agreement of 2012.

Ms Kasoma claims that after their divorce, Mr Nyirenda has breached the terms of agreement as he made it clear through his word and conduct that he refuses to recognise or acknowledge that she has any interest in the property despite several requests to discuss the matter.

“Following the divorce granted by the Chelstone Local Court on 11 November 2017, Mr Nyirenda was in breach of the terms of the agreement made quite clear by his words and conduct that he refuses to recognise or acknowledge that I have any interest in the property and inspite of requests made both orally and in writing, he has refused to discuss the matter either with me or my legal advisers,” Ms Kasoma submitted.

She further alleges that Mr Nyirenda has threatened to evict her from the property after the local court granted the divorce and also refuses to transfer the property to her and himself as joint owners.

And now Ms Kasoma seeks the court’s order that Mr Nyirenda delivers to her a transfer of the property into the joint names and an order for sale of the property together with an order that the proceeds be distributed according to the trust.
She is also claiming damages for breach of contract, costs and compensation..

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